Forum beliefs


At CEO Masters Forum, we believe that: 

  • Leading a company is one of the greatest experiences in the world 
  • Leading a company should be enjoyable and rewarding
  • Leaders that work ON growing and improving their business consistently outperform those that simply work IN their business 
  • Leaders that focus on strategic planning, strategic leadership, accountability, and financial / KPI management outperform those that don’t 
  • Leaders that have a high percentage of “A Player” employees far outperform those that don’t 
  • Leaders that have a high percentage of delighted customers far outperform those that don’t 
  • Leader-to-leader “experience sharing” is one of the most powerful ways to increase business competency & performance
  • Leaders control the profitability and value of their company 
  • Leaders can avoid becoming overly reliant on individual strategies, clients and employees
  • Businesses are meant to be grown in value 
  • Every business needs multiple, viable, exit strategies 

What is the CEO Masters Forum? 

CEO Masters Forums are confidential business performance & growth forums of 7-10 leading business owners / presidents / CEO’s. CEO Masters Forum Members dedicate at least one day per month to work ON their business, seek experience and advice on core business opportunities / issues and hone their skills in strategic planning, strategic leadership, accountability, marketing, sales, operations, HR, IT and financial management.

CEO Masters Forum is a monthly commitment to you and the health of your business. You are committing to taking the necessary actions to consistently grow the value of your business. Further, with your forum behind you, you are no longer alone. You have trusted peers who will share their wisdom and direct experiences as you evolve to become the true “master” of your business. 


Founded and personally chaired by Tim Riley, a Seattle-based entrepreneur, CEO, board member and advisor, CEO Masters Forum is the culmination of: