Manufacturing & Distribution CEO Gary T.: "I’ve derived a great deal of value from my participation in the CEO Masters Forum. Most meetings include a presentation by a Subject Matter Expert on an issue that the group members have identified as being relevant to our needs, and these have been both timely and informative. But the greatest value to me from my participation in the group is having a sounding board of peers to discuss critical issues or decisions that I’m facing. The caliber of those discussions is very high, and has helped me a great deal in thinking through how best to deal with the challenges I’m facing with my company."

CEO Masters Forum uses proven tools, techniques and best practices to enable and empower Forum Members to accelerate the growth of their companies.

Healthcare CEO Regine N., PhD: "I find the forum is truly a venue for learning.  Monthly speakers bring valuable information and opportunities for action. The format of shared experiences before suggestions allows one to think about ones own experiences in the light of another organization's challenges. One finds we all struggle with similar issues. You gain a group of trustworthy advisors and do not have to carry the burden of leadership alone. I strongly recommend the forum!

Software CEO Mark N., PhD: "It is really great to share experiences with other CEO's from both similar and different industries. It is amazing how much we have in common in terms of the issues we face. The benefits of sharing with each other have led to demonstrable, real benefits in all our companies."

Ongoing masterclass level education is a core component of participation in CEO Masters Forum.

CEO Masters Forum is an exclusive forum of business owners, CEO's and presidents that are committed to growing the value of their businesses.



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